Picking The Cruise That’s Perfect For You

Taking a cruise has long been one of the favorite means of the intrepid traveller to see the world in style… We’ve out together some suggestions for most romantic cruise, cruises with kids and if you can picture it – taking a cruise on a budget!

Most romantic cruise – The French Polynesian Islands:

Taking your honeymoon aboard a cruise liner is a favorite for newlyweds – and the island chain of French Polynesia offers an incredible range of attractions. Tahiti, Bora Bora, and Moorea are just some of the islands which you’ll cruise along, with snorkeling, amazing beaches, and delicious French-inspired cuisine at every stop.

Princess Cruises, Paul Gauguin Cruises and Windstar all offer cruise packages to these popular islands.

Cruising with Kids – Disney Cruises

If you have little ones between the ages of 4 and 11, a Disney Cruise is a family holiday that mom and dad can relax on while the kids are entertained by the people who do it best – Disney themselves!

From the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique where the young ones are transformed into princesses, monsters, pirates and ogres to Pirates of the Caribbean themed deck parties, a replica of the Millennium Falcon of Star Wars fame where the kids can learn lightsaber techniques from a Jedi Master, Toy Story adventures and a Monsters Inc. Academy, meeting the Avengers or simply enjoying the water features – every little one’s desires are catered for! In the meantime mom and dad can relax by the adult’s pool and get a truly well-deserved break!

Cruises on a budget?

No such thing as a cheap cruise? Not necessarily! It takes a little bit of daring and flexibility on your part, but it can be done.

When it comes to finding an affordable cruise, you need to throw the standard advice of ‘book as early as you can’ out the window, or at least porthole I suppose. On a cruise, much of the money made is through the meals, drinks and entertainment opportunities on offer. Without people on the ship, the cruise doesn’t make money. This means that the closer the time draws to departure, the lower the rates go. This is a great opportunity for the flexible traveller to get a really astonishing deal – if you can maintain the discipline not to blow all your money on fancy cocktails instead! Internet rates on a cruise or also notoriously pricey, so abandon the casino games and Facebook while you’re on board and take in the view from on deck for a while instead! Take advantage of the lower food prices in the buffet and dining areas and avoid the expensive restaurants. Couple this technique with booking out of school holiday season and an affordable cruise can definitely be accomplished!


The wonderful thing about any cruise is the freedom to decide how much or how little to do with your time. If you want to spend a week dozing in the sun by the pool – no problem! Up for some entertainment and fine dining? A bit of glitz and glam? Done! Just want to snuggle with your beloved in a cozy cabin? Well why not? Leave your worries on the shore and let the sea carry you off on a cruise!


An Indian Adventure to Remember

A road trip is one of the most iconic and epic adventures you can have. There is something infinitely expressive about having the freedom of the open road before you, the wind in your hair, and the passing landscapes whizzing by you. Of course, you can choose to stop whenever you please, and if something takes your fancy, and you want to inspect it a little closer, there’s nothing stopping you!

You can road trip in virtually any country in the world, and it will always be a rewarding experience, however there is one country where road tripping really will show you an overview of colour, tradition, adventure, and customs – India.

India is a true bucket list entry, a place that many people dream of visiting, but few actually either pluck up the courage, or can actually afford. If you do make the journey, and this is definitely to be recommended, then motorcycle touring should certainly be something you think about.

What are the advantages of such a trip?

Well, you get the expert help of someone who knows India like the back of their hand, and the entire trip is to an itinerary, which means you get to see the places of interest, rather than having to find them for yourself, wasting precious time, and possibly even getting lost. Motorcycle tours in India are becoming increasingly popular for this very reason, because this is a huge country, vast even, and that means you could easily be wasting days on the road and not really seeing anything. The help of a guided itinerary means you are sent in the right direction, and your trip will be packed with wonderful sights as a result.

From fragrant and downright delicious food, to soaring mountains, lush valleys, amazing beaches, cities, temples, markets, India is a sight to behold. Of course, Delhi is a city that everyone wants to visit, and this is a loud mish-mash of everything you can think of, a true assault on the senses, as well as heading to the peaceful and romantic Taj Mahal, a true wonder of the world. Southern India is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the country, and the norther portion, Rajasthan, is one of the most visited in terms of road tripping tours. The reason for this is that it is so varied, and a tour in this region will show you some true authentic experiences.

So, for your next epic adventure, why not look towards the mystery and wonder of India?


Things To Do with Kids in Sydney

Sydney, with its world famous beaches and iconic harbor, continues to rapidly grow as a tourist destination. Sydney is also a very family friendly city and offers an unlimited amount of things to do when visiting with kids. This Australian city is filled with museums, adventure parks, playgrounds, zoos and so much more to keep the entire family occupied.

Here are some of my favorite things to do in Sydney, Australia with kids.

Powerhouse Museum

This museum is far from your typical museum. It is an interactive goldmine that can appeal to the interests of any kid. From science to technology to decorative arts, the museum can keep kids occupied for hours while stimulating their minds.

Balmoral Pier

With two sprawling beaches and a huge promenade, the Balmoral Pier is almost a step back in time. There are safe, enclosed swimming areas for the little ones and rockpools, playgrounds and more for the others. With a plethora of swimming holes, pack a picnic and your family can spend a whole day exploring the area.

Taronga Zoo

The world famous Taronga Zoo is a kid fieldhouse. Of course viewing the animals from around the world is reason enough to visit but make sure to download a map to catch the extra bonus kid friendly spaces in the zoo.

Blue Mountains

If you’re itching to get out of Sydney for a day, pack a car and head to the Blue Mountains. Take the train down into the rainforest and a cable car out to wow the kids with awesome views on a fun ride. The Jenolan Caves, the oldest open caves in the world, are an awesome experience for kids to explore. To make meal time just as fun, dine in the revolving restaurant to give the kids an adventure with dinner.

Luna Park

With a variety of rides for all ages and Sydney’s newest theme park, Wet ‘n Wild, Luna Park has something for the whole family. Pack a picnic and you can spend the entire day exploring the park with the family.

Treetop Adventure Park

For the older kids, this is a really unique way to spend the afternoon. With ropes courses and ziplines high up in the trees, this is for the adventure seeking kids in the family.

Sydney Sea Life Aquarium

If the weather turns inclement, the aquarium is a great indoor option for the family. There are educational talks, shark feedings, glass bottom boat rides and behind the scenes tours for even more fun for the family.


What to Pack for Las Vegas

With rising checked baggage fees, the ability to fit everything for a vacation into a carry on is becoming more and more necessary. A trip to Las Vegas can make this a challenge. The never ending amount of things to do in Vegas lends itself to overpacking. But with these insane costs, having a packing plan for Vegas comes in handy to not only save money but also time and stress.

Use this guide to pack smartly and efficiently for your next trip to Las Vegas.

First, remember all of the typical carry-on packing rules. Make sure liquids are under 300mL and in a plastic bag. Keep any laptops in easy access to help you breeze through security. You know, the basics.

A comfortable pair of shoes

Yes, Las Vegas is known for its glitz and glamour, but in reality there is a lot of walking that happens. It’s important to keep in mind that your feet need to be comfortable at least part of the time. From walking up and down the strip to excursions, its important to at least have one practical day pair of shoes.

On the other hand, bring your glam shoes too. Vegas is the best place to go all out so bring those heels that you have never worn before and strut around in them with pride because hey, it’s Vegas baby.

A nice outfit

Yes, you’ll want to pack outfits for going out but also pack a semi respectable nice outfit for fancy dinners. The tight dresses and mini skirts may not be the most comfortable thing to throw back multi course dinners in.


Most outfits can easily go from day to night easily with a few accessories. Instead of packing multiple tops or outfits, pack extra accessories because they take up less room. Big chunky necklaces can really do a lot to dress up an outfit!

Bathing suit and sunscreen

This shouldn’t even need to be on this list, but don’t forget your bathing suit! Sure, you’re going to be in a desert but the hotels on the Vegas strip arguably have the best pools in the world. And if you’re going to take advantage of those pools, you’ve got to protect your skin. Bring strong sunscreen because the sun is stronger in Vegas.

A jacket

Even in balmy Vegas, you’ll want a jacket or pants for the cooler evenings and intense air conditioning action. A light cover-up will be greatly appreciated in the freezing cold restaurants.


Things To Do in Barcelona with Kids

Spain is a cheaper and great option in Europe to travel with kids. In Barcelona, kids aren’t necessarily welcomed but they are tolerated. You’ll find it difficult to find activities that specifically cater to kids but you are able to cart you kids around to pretty much everywhere so plan on seeing the sites.


Most of the metro stations have elevators, which make using a stroller easier. On that note, bring a stroller! Walking is the way to explore Barcelona, basically, so unless you want to carry your kids around the entire time, pack a stroller or plan to buy a cheap little one upon arrival.

Pick a hotel or apartment rental that is central in Barcelona. The city is very spread out and can save valuable walking time by being based in the middle of it all.

Things to Do

La Sagrada Familia

The Sagrada is visible from most parts of the city, and will help to peak the interest of the kids from the very beginning. The world famous unfinished basilica by Antoni Gaudi is covered in interesting architecture. The building is consistently under construction and for the construction loving child, this may entertain them for awhile. If you arrive early you can miss some of the crowds. Definitely purchase an audio guide, which will help to entertain the kids throughout the walk.

Parc de la Ciutadella

Home to the Barcelona Zoo, this is a perfect spot for kids. It features a giant mammoth, boating lake, waterfalls, massive fountain, playgrounds and even a band stand. You could spend a whole day here if you need to let the kids run around. Just keep in mind that there aren’t a lot of dining options in the park so bring your own picnic.


One of the most family accessible spots to visit, this monastery is a great day trip from Barcelona. There are two rides up and down the mountain, and some great mountain trails to explore the surroundings of the monastery. There is also a museum featuring works by Picasso and Caravaggio and of course the 1000 year old basilica to explore. For little kids, avoid going around 1pm, the Montserrat boys choir sings at this time and the area gets extremely crowded and the singing can get far too loud for little ears.

Park Güell

The park has two zones: the Monumental Zone and the free access zone. These buildings have incredibly unique architecture and are a great place for kids to explore. The buildings and grounds of the Monumental Zone are full of stairs, colors, twisting buildings and tiles galore, all great things to help kids explore.


Japan Travel Guide

Japan is a country that tops many a bucket list. It’s also a country that is relatively difficult to navigate for a first time visitor. It’s vastly different than its European or North American counterparts and comes with its own challenges. Planning a trip to Japan is challenging and at times difficult to figure out. Use this guide to get you started on your trip planning process.

How to Get Around

Tokyo, with the largest international airport in the country makes the perfect jumping off point for a visit to Japan. Japan is easily traversed by the extensive rail system running throughout the country. For shorter trips (under two week) it’s better to purchase point to point tickets, if you’re spending and an extensive amount of time traversing the country a rail pass will be more cost effective.

In the three major cities of Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto, the subway is the cheapest and most effective way to get around. The subway lines are extremely clean, and in true Japanese fashion, ALWAYS on time. You purchase individual tickets at each stop or you can buy day passes depending on how much traveling you expect to do each day within each city.


Japan is a relatively expensive country to visit. A two-week visit will cost you at least $1500 after flights for a modest trip. Accommodations range from slightly expensive to very expensive. Many popular attractions are actually free to visit, so that is a great place to save a little money. All transportation within the country is pretty expensive so plan your attack in advance to save money on doubling back to hit spots you missed.

What to Eat

Food is actually one of the cheaper aspects of a trip to Japan. Sushi trains will set you back 1 USD- 5 USD per piece and typical restaurant meals are around $20- $40 USD.

Common aspects of Japanese cuisine are rice, pickled vegetables, soups and meat/fish. It is a cuisine far more complex than just the sushi it is most well known for.

What to See

Japan is one of the oldest countries in the world and offers visitors an endless amount of attractions. Make sure to spend a few days exploring Tokyo during a visit to Japan. The city boasts attractions like Sensoji Temple, Nakamise Dorishopping- one of the most historic streets in Tokyo and Ueno Park.

When planning out your itinerary, make sure to pencil in time to stop and see the Osaka castle, the Golden Pavilion or the bamboo groves near Kyoto or time your trip with the cherry blossoms and prepare to be awed.


London Travel Guide

London is one of the most diverse cities in the world and can be a daunting challenge to explore for first time visitors. Use this guide to get you started on your planning.

How to get there/around

When choosing where to fly into to begin your London adventure, bare in mind that London has 5 airports that range in size and distance from varying neighborhoods throughout London. Use this guide to help you make the right decision.

London is a spread out city full of smaller neighborhoods that all have their own attractions and vibes. The city has a great network of public transportation known as the “tube” or the Underground. There are maps readily available online to help you navigate the network. Walking is easy and effective throughout the city so make sure to keep that in mind as well! You may just stumble on a hidden gem!

Where to stay

London is broken up into a few different neighborhoods, each with their own personality and price point.

Covent Garden is known for it’s shopping, especially in the shoe sector and has some of the best theaters in the city.

Leicester Square is home to the Chinatown district and is a great place to stay in the West End to see a show at night.

Soho is the hip, gay-friendly epicenter of the city. Many of London’s best bars, nightclubs and entertainment is located in Soho.

Camden has gone to the hipsters. With a vast network of markets selling everything from first edition Mark Twain to Venezuelan arepas, Camden is a cool place to witness London’s melting pot of cultures.

Westminster is where you will find London icons like Westminster Abbey, Big Ben and the Parliament building. It carries a price tag to match.

What to do

See a show:

The Globe Theater is a great place to see some Shakespeare plays and carries a very cheap price tag at 5 pounds.

Check out a free museum:

Many of London’s best museums are actually free to the public. The British Museum has been argued as one of the best museums in the world for years. Don’t miss the opportunity to spend an afternoon wandering the halls with mummies.

Take a walking tour.

The Shoreditch neighborhood has some of the most unique street art in the world along with a few Banksy originals.

Eat and shop through the Camden markets.

You could spend days exploring all of the markets in Camden Town. The Locke market is home to street food stalls from around the world. You can find trinkets, souvenirs and everything you ever need for a rave all in one corner.


London is a fairly expensive city. If you are looking to stick to a limited budget, it is doable but it will take extensive planning on your part, use these tips to save money on your trip to London. The metro costs a few pounds per ride and taxis or ubers will set you back 10+ pounds no matter where you’re going.

ATMs are located everywhere and almost every retailer will take Visa and Mastercards. The exchange rate changes drastically so be sure to find up to date information to keep track of your finances.


What To Eat in NYC

New York City is well known as a melting pot. Cultures, cuisines and lifestyles come together in this sprawling metropolis. For a first time visitor, navigating the city can be quite the challenge. Navigating the city’s food scene is a challenge worth taking! From the street food of Chinatown to the upscale eateries in Manhattan, NYC has something for every palate, any time of day, and every occasion.

Use this guide to begin your tummy’s exploration of the city, I say begin because you could spend a lifetime eating your way around New York and still miss things!

Street food

Wafles & Dinges: From sweet to savory, these snack sized waffles pack a flavor punch. Word on the street is the first one is free too!

Uncle Gussy’s: This Midtown lunch favorite serves up overly stuffed pitas for just $6.

Nuchas: To show off the NYC versatility of the street food scene, enter Nuchas and their empanadas.

Korilla BBQ: What do you get when you take Korean BBQ and put it into a burrito format? Korilla BBQ! Street food goers can enjoy Korean flavored burritos, rice bowls and even street corn.

The Halal Guys: I don’t think a visit to NYC can be complete without a stop at halal cart so why not go to the best one? Try the chicken and rice platter, you won’t regret it.

Rainbow Bagels

Some tourist traps are worth the gimmick. Rainbow bagels are one of them. The Brooklyn establishment of The Bagel Store often has a line out the door for their striking rainbow bagels. Get there early, they sell out EVERY day.

Get a sandwich

West Village quite literally has a row of sandwich shops known as “Sandwich Alley” that you need to explore.

East Village for a Borscht

East Village has been the home of a massive population of Polish, Ukrainian and Russian immigrants for the past two centuries. Head to this neighborhood to find some of the best delicacies from that region of the world including pierogis, potatoes, and sausages.


This is the largest Italian marketplace in the world nestled right in New York City. It consists of bakeries, restaurants, markets, food counters and everything you can imagine. Well worth a visit, but go hungry!


I can’t in good conscience go through this list and not mention S’mac. This pan fried mac and cheese shop is what dreams are made of. Not only do they serve up over 10 varieties of mac and cheese they can also make them gluten free or vegan depending on your preference. Order the bigger size, you’ll thank me later.


Italy Travel Guide

A trip to Italy will be full of wine, delicious fresh food, and afternoon spent moseing around city streets. Italian culture is unique to any other culture in the world and can be intimidating for the first time visitor. Use these tips to help you plan your trip, find everything from how to get there and around to what you should really eat in Italy.

Getting Around

There are many large airports in Italy, and a lot of budget options in or out around Europe. International flights from the US or Australia can be pretty expensive, you can typically save some money by finding a cheap flight to a neighboring European country and then booking a cheap budget flight into Italy from there.

Train travel is cheap, efficient and comfortable in Italy. If you are in a rush you can splurge for the express trains but those will set you back 40+ euros a trip. Travel tip: to hail a taxi in Italy, you must go to taxi stand, they won’t stop for you on the street.

Most cities are well explored by foot. Venice, for example only has boats or feet as your methods of transportation.

Where to Stay

Accommodations will more than likely be your biggest cost. Budget hostel dorms will be at least 25 euros while hotels or private rooms start at 90 euros. Airbnbs are a great way to save some money if traveling with a group. Also, if you look at some of the smaller towns along the train line, there are often cheaper options available there as well, just make sure to calculate if you’ll still be saving money after spending extra on the train each day.

Many Italian cities are within an hour or two of each other, which makes staying in one city for multiple days a practical thing to do.

What to Do

From UNESCO heritage sites to the sprawling Amalfi coast, Italy has something for everyone. Head to Rome to witness some of the most historical sites in the whole country such as the Colosseum and Vatican City. Enjoy the canals and charm of Venice while strolling around the city. Dive into Cinque Terre for brightly colored, picturesque buildings on the water.

What to Eat
Italian cuisine is most famous for simple, fresh ingredients beautifully celebrated in each dish. It is a lot more than just pasta and pizza, although definitely don’t skip an opportunity to try either of these! Italian wines are some of the finest in the world and are relatively inexpensive. Sample local cheeses, finely made olive oils or even balsamic vinegar in Modena, the home of balsamic.


Things to Do in Washington DC with Kids

Washington DC is a city full of history. It may not seem like it would be the perfect city to bring kids, but there are plenty of fun, educational and exciting things to do for the whole family in DC. It doesn’t need to be a boring excursion, however, use this guide to find the best things to do in Washington DC wtih kids.

Get a private tour of the capitol

A fun, not well-known fact is that by emailing your local senator a few months before your trip to the White House, you may be able to secure a private guided tour by one of the thousands of interns or staff assistants that work within the White House. This is great when traveling with kids, because it allows you to skip the monstrously long lines that typically pile up for the guided tours throughout the day.

Smithsonian National Air and Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Museum

This large museum near the Dulles Airport has has hundreds more planes than the downtown Air & Space museum that has made its way into the Ben Stiller movies. Kids can run around and explore to their hearts’ content.

Old Town Alexandria, Virginia

This neighborhood in DC is a kid’s playground. There’s even a kid-tailored scavenger hunt in the town that covers most if not all of the kid friendly options in the area. Its located right near Ronald Reagan Airport which makes for easy access.

Mount Vernon

This historic house of Abraham Lincoln (LOOK THIS UP) is a great hisotircal destination for kids visiting DC. There’s even a tour into the salve quarters for a more hands on, engaging experience. For the itsy bitsy kids, there is a little tykes play area that you can leave them in if they aren’t quite ready to appreciate 18th century history.

Washington Monuments Cruise or DC Duck Tour

Depending on the age of your kids try out one of these aquatic tours. Duck tours are great for younger kids with their quacking noise makers. Either way these are great options for kids especially in the hotter months, as the water helps to beat the heat.

Canoe or Kayak the Patomac

For older kids, rent a canoe or a kayak and explore the river. You’ll paddle past Abe and Tom and take in a lot of Washington DC’s famous landmarks while simultaneously getting those energetic kids a workout.

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